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About Us

Game Journal: Launched in 2022, Game Journal is a non-profit English and Bangla language news portal, education site, and entertainment site that shares local, regional, gaming, and international news. The local community is affected by politics, business, and social events.

A website that shares news and supports and promotes business, tourism, and social events. It has millions of readers. Game Journal also tells residents and visitors about things they want to know about in a fun, up-to-date way once a week.

Game Journal shares and promotes the work of journalists and photographers from all over the world, including those in the area. Readers and professionals send in news stories and photos for everyone to read and enjoy.

In Game Journal, you can also find helpful pdf, documents, books, audio, apk, and software.

Game Journal can’t check all of the articles and photos that contributors send in because there are so many of them. If you find an offensive article or picture that was shared without your permission, please send us the link and it will be taken down as soon as possible.

Game Journal is a website that doesn’t make money. Any money it makes is used to pay for hosting. We don’t charge local businesses to post or advertise, and any money we make will go to Reporters Without Borders.

There are also links to a few affiliate networks on Game Journal.

Groupe Presse-Media In 2022, Bangladesh set up Game Journal as a Bangladeshi company based in Dhaka. Press Media Group is one of the top providers of media for businesses.