How to fix Discovered currently not indexed in Search Console

There are many indexing issues in a new Blogger site like- redirect errors, excluded by no index tags, breadcrumbs errors, discovered currently not indexed etc. Discovered currently not indexed is difficult to fix than the other errors. Your newer posts won’t get indexed because of this error.

This affects much to the SEO of a new site. Affected posts don’t get indexed. If they get indexed, they don’t do well in search. It won’t be fixed in Search Console if you don’t fix it manually. It is easier to fix in WordPress than in Blogger. You need to review and fix some things on your website in Blogger.

What is Discovered Currently not indexed?

Discovered currently not indexed is a type error in Search Console.

It means that the URL is known to Google but they dont crawl this URL. It generally happens for two reasons.

  • Google Crawler doesnt have enough time to crawl that URL.
  • Crawling this URL will slow down your website.

You can fix these google crawl errors in two ways. If you have a WordPress site then use instant indexing API in your site. But, it is a little bit difficult to fix on a blogger site. You need to manage your website crawl rate and Google News approval.

Manage Google crawl rate

You can control your website crawl request by changing the crawl rate. Generally, it is managed by Google.

  • Go to Google Crawl rate changer
  • Find and select your search console property there.
  • You will get two options there- Let Google optimize for my site and Limit Google’s maximum crawl rate.
  • Click on the second option.
  • Now turn it to the maximum rate.

Google News approval

It is the easiest way to enable fast indexing in a Blogger website. The crawler will instantly crawl your website if you have Google News approval. You can publish your website in Google News to enable a fast indexing search console.

  • Go to Google News Publisher
  • Create an organization for your website.
  • Now create a publication for your website.
  • Select your website category.
  • Now you need to create a feed for your website.
  • Create a feed with a name.

You need to get the feed URL of your website. To get the feed URL of your website follow these steps

  • Open your website and view page source.
  • Press Ctrl+F and search for rss.
  • Open the first URL and delete the ?alt=rss text.
  • Now copy this link and add this as a feed URL.

Contents aren’t found in the feed

After adding your publication to Google News, your posts will be visible in the feed. If your posts aren’t appearing in the feed, you need to customize your Blogger feed.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard.
  • Open the Settings of your Blogger website.
  • Scroll down and find the site feed option.
  • Click on Allow blog feed.
  • Now select the full option.

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