How to Publish your Site to Google News?

You can get a good number of traffic from Google News every day. You can apply for Google News to get approval. Your posts will show in Google News after getting approval.

People can read your posts from the Google News tab. You can reach many people from different countries through Google News.

What is Google News?

Google News is an online news publishing platform where people can read articles about interesting topics. Publishers can publish their posts in Google News through the publisher center. Users can read articles about the latest news and personalized content.

They can follow their favorite publication to get notified about their latest articles. They can also read news from their local area. Android users can use the Google News application to get the latest news.

Google News benefits 

The benefits of Google News are many. Already 1 Billion people are using Google News app. You can reach your blog to a huge number of people if you provide good quality. Your followers will get the latest posts in their feeds. Google News enables fast indexing of a website.

You can fast index blogger posts within a minute. Your site will get indexed by google fast. It will solve discovered currently not indexed problems in Search Console. It will become easier for you to rank blog posts on Google’s first page. You can also get backlinks from Google News. Visitors can directly visit your website from Google News. 

Publish your site on Google News

You can publish your blog on Google News easily. You need to follow the terms and conditions of Google News. Your content should be unique and news related for Google News approval.
You should read the terms and conditions of google news before submitting your site to Google News.
  • Go to the Publisher center.
  • Sign in with your gmail address that you have used to create your website.
  • Click on add publication.
  • Enter your website name in the Publication name.
  • Enter your website address in the second box.
  • Now, select your country and click on add publication. Your publication will be saved.


google news approved website

You need need to submit your publication to Google News. You need to create a Google News RSS feed for your website. Open your website and open the source code of your page.

Now, press Ctrl+F and search for RSS in the search box. Open the first link and delete texts after default in the URL. The RSS feed URL will look like this: domain/feeds/posts/default. Copy the RSS URL.

  • Click on your publication in the publisher center.
  • You will find a Google News option there, click on it.
  • Click on the Edit option.
  • Select your website category.
  • Select distribution as worldwide.
  • Select Allow all property in Google properties and click on the Next option.


Submit Google News sitemap

You have managed the General setting of Google News. You need to manage content settings. You can manage your Google News posts from there. 

  • First, click on New Section and a new box will open.
  • Select the Feed option in that box.
  • Now, the feed settings will open.
  • Give a name to the feed in the Section title box.
  • Paste the RSS feed code in the second box and click on add.


submit articles to google news


You have created a feed for Google News. Whenever you create a new post Google News will automatically add that post to Google News. You need to refresh the feed option every time you publish a new post.

  • Open the Review and Publish option.
  • Review the issues of Google News. It takes some time for Google to analyze the RSS feed.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions of Google News.
  • Click on the Save option and your all editings will be saved.
  • After reviewing all issues click on Publish. Your website will be submitted to Google News for their approval.


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